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Getting Beyond the Basics with Google Analytics: Supercharge Your Insights With Universal Analytics, Google Tag Manager

WRK10 Workshops Track

Galleria North

WEDNESDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

By now you have been using Google Analytics for years. You've found tremendous value into how users interact with your web presence and you have certainly incorporated this data analysis routine into your regular work schedule. Right? In this workshop I want us to move past simple reports on visits and pageviews—in most cases those “vanity” metrics are next to meaningless when trying to assess how we market ourselves to prospective audiences. Let’s consider how many of those visits were from potential recruits versus people who are already associated with the University. Can we segment our data into different target populations to make informed decisions about how to improve and optimize the website? Perhaps the real question is: what data is missing from my analytics reports and how do I get it there? Times are changing, y'all. You can tell because each time you log into Google Analytics they've redesigned the application, moved all the reports around, and changed all the labels. Now they're pressuring you to “upgrade” to Universal Analytics. But before you go bothering IT to change that javascript code on every single web page, consider moving to Google Tag Manager (GTM) and using it to load analytics instead. We're going to start with a quick overview of data analytics strategy so that we can charge through the details of how and why we even go through the trouble of measuring web traffic. Then I'll show you how implementing Google Tag Manager and upgrading to Universal Analytics will supercharge your insight from mere clicks to actual conversions.


Aaron Baker
Lead Analyst SEO/SEM, University of Arkansas at Little Rock