Workshop Details

WordPress & Higher Ed

WRK3 Workshops Track

Skyline III

SUNDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

You’ve probably read the critiques about WordPress: “It’s a blogging tool,” “It’s not secure,” “It’s only for people who don’t know how to code,” and “It’s free, so it must be full of bugs.” The reality is WordPress has grown into a mature, full-featured web application tool, capable of running the simplest of microsites all the way to the most complex University sites, and all the stops in-between. There is a robust ecosystem of developers, users and service providers who develop many different types of websites in WordPress. In fact, nearly 19% of websites today run on WordPress! This workshop will bust the myths of WordPress, and provide examples of how it is being used in a myriad of ways in higher education, from content management to learning management to intranets and more. The interactive workshop will include data sharing and real-life examples of WordPress sites. Attendees are encouraged to share their WordPress projects, experiences and best practices with a cohort of fellow higher ed developers, designers, communicators and marketers. Attendees are also encouraged to come prepared with questions about WordPress projects, how best to implement them and whether or not WordPress is appropriate for those projects.


Curtiss Grymala
University of Mary Washington

Curtiss Grymala, founder of Ten-321 Enterprises, is the Senior Web Technologist at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). At UMW, Curtiss manages all custom development for the University’s unique implementation of WordPress as its CMS. He has developed more than 50 custom WordPress plugins, released 9 public plugins and created more than 20 custom themes for various organizations.