Tag: systems administration

Where did all my cache go? (DPA10)

System running slow? Users pounding on your door wanting to know why the website takes so long to "respond to a simple request"? Programmers yelling at you about ruining their beautiful programming job with your system performance? Wishing Carter had invented a pill that wasn't for livers or that you had taken the job with the circus? Don't give up hope, you may just need more cache. An overview of what caching is and how it can improve the performance of your web site.

Just another bughunt? Tools to improve your site without nuking it from orbit (DPA11)

It's not the bugs you know that kill a website. It's the ones you can't see, lurking just out of sight, that get you. Learn how Lafayette College identified the Lovecraftian code horrors lurking beneath its feet with tools like Splunk (server log analysis), OSSEC (server-side bad behavior monitor) and SiteImprove (web page auditing tool) and then surgically eliminated the problems. Examples include PHP scripts spewing error notices into logs, undiscovered CAS authentication failures, and thumbnail generation scripts that choke on large files.

IT Orchestration/Automation/DevOps with Ansible (DPA12)

Ansible is a powerful - yet simple - automation engine. Whether you're maintaining servers or deploying code, Ansible can help turn the process into headache-free tasks that can be useful for small and big shops alike.