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Essential Strategies for a Student-Staffed Social Team (MPD4)

Engaging students on social media is a difficult task, but guess what? No one knows how to engage students on social media better than the students themselves! But how do you even start leveraging their skills, insight, and perspectives as part of your social team? Hint: it isn’t as simple sitting students in front of a computer. This session will review how to hire and manage your student team, tools to use for team management, advice on recruiting the best candidates, and other helpful things to keep in mind when working with students.

No Better Time Than “NOW”: Telling the Story of How We’re Telling our Story (MCS5)

Inspired by the 2011 Best of Track presentation, Elizabethtown College took telling its own story into its own hands. E-town NOW, launched in the fall of 2013, is a dynamic, story-telling venue. Talarico, editor of the online publication, will walk attendees through the process (read: patience) of getting this project off the ground, from inception to conception and from production to introduction. She will also share how NOW built and mobilized a student editorial team (read: mentoring oops!), how they promote NOW and encourage story ideas from the community (hint: it's sweet), and explain how the online newsroom contributes to or streamlines other multiplatform marketing and communications efforts. (For example, the introduction of NOW lead to changes in E-town’s massive weekly internal newsletter.) Additionally, Talarico will touch on the rebranding of the College’s “subject matter expert list” into “Experts @ E-town,” which includes web, email and postcard campaigns. This presentation is right for anyone looking for a new way of presenting and producing news, but for smaller staffs/institutions, E-town NOW is a testament that it can be done with limited resources.