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Mix it up! The art of remixing content. (MPD2)

You are wearing multiple hats. You have little time. You have a tiny budget. Revise your workflow, and practice the art of remixing: it will save your valuable time, money and allow you to focus on the really important tasks. To cultivate a remix mindset means realizing it is okay not to start from scratch every time. Making use of existing resources and materials, and producing a new product by combining or editing them is a creative way to save resources. We will explore areas of improvement, and boost your daily productivity by identifying duplicated efforts in your organization. Implementing remix strategies and the practice of lean kaizen, will help to transform your organization and implement changes that stick.

That IS your problem! Creating a collaborative campus (MPD6)

Are you a party of one? Having trouble getting things done and feeling frustrated with your lack of resources and support? Are you ready to learn how to create your own team using talented folks from across your own campus? It's not as tough as you might think. Too often we hear words like “silos” and “vacuums” and “islands” in terms of workgroups on our campuses. Have you ever had someone tell you that your project was not their problem? Declining enrollment and dwindling resources is everyone’s problem and it will take a village to reach a solution. In an era of declining resources, we’re all expected to do more with less. Working together by utilizing cross-departmental collaboration might sound impossible, but it’s actually quite attainable. From content creation and curation to design and marketing you can use the resources around you to create a truly collaborative campus where everyone wins.

Things I F#@$!d Up- Stories from a young designer (MPD11)

Over the last seven years, Jacob has worked as a graphic designer at Illinois State University, and he has screwed up. A lot. Working with a super-sized ego at a medium-sized web office, failure comes fast; but so does education. With some humility, a lot of self-deprecation, and just a touch of irreverence, Jacob will share stories of professional embarrassment, creative conflicts, democratic dissolution, and international espionage (note: there is no international espionage). Through these professional flubs, some simple but challenging truths were discovered that helped projects run smoother; even in an environment when common sense solutions can seem elusive.

Better Living Through Automation: Defeating Time Sucks and Doing Better Work (MPD12)

As a small office (or office of one) tasked with managing your institution’s website, social media accounts, and teams of co-workers and work study students, there’s a LOT to keep track of and not enough time in the day to deal with it. What if we could automate the most tedious of our daily tasks using free tools? From task management and delegation, to collecting form submissions, to dealing with email and social media mentions -- and much more -- we can eliminate time sucks and focus on doing better work. This session is equal parts workflows/examples and prompting you to think creatively about how to tie together common apps and tasks into a powerful super-system. Kind of like Voltron for web apps.

Building a room reservation system with a $0 budget (AIM12)

Are you still booking rooms and resources manually for your institution? Or spending thousands of dollars a year for expensive software to manage the process? If you're a Google Apps for Education school, we've got something to show you. Beloit College built a room reservation system using Google Apps for Education's Rooms and Resources feature, in under a month with a zero budget. A few room administrator training sessions and some community education and the system has been in successful use for nearly two years. This session will cover the basics of how Beloit set things up. The presenters will share the training materials they used and the website that they built to act as a partner in encouraging people to book the rooms that will work best for their gathering or event.