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Speaking the Students’ Language: Using Smart Phones & Apps to Enhance Learning in the Classroom (TIE6)

Group work and collaboration may be constrained in large classrooms and auditoriums. This presentation will be a hands-on demonstration on how to use technology in large classrooms, focusing on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Participants are encouraged to bring their smartphones, tablets, IPad, laptop, etc. to this session. The methods discussed have been used in collegiate auditoriums and classrooms to enhance collaboration and learning. Educators constantly battle with the role that technology would play in their instruction. Some instructors object to using technology claiming that it negatively affects the ways which students learn, whereas others admit they simply don't use technology due to a lack of experience or training. Despite these constraints, educators can't deny that students are attached to their phones and other digital devices. Educators shouldn't see these devices as distractions, but as tools for instruction, collaboration and learning.