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Building (or Choosing) an Accessible Media Player (DPA3)

HTML5 media elements make it simple as pie to add audio and video to web pages. But is the media they deliver accessible to all users? Browser support for media accessibility is hit and miss, and no browser currently provides full support. For full accessibility, including keyboard-accessible controls, support for closed captions, subtitles, audio description, and interactive transcripts, and a high degree of user-customization, it's necessary to build your own player using the HTML5 media API. At the University of Washington, they've done that, and are eager to share.

What Does the Web Say? Thinking about Sound and the Internet (UAD5)

When you hear the phrase “sound on the web,” do you immediately have flashbacks to mid-90s Geocities sites with auto-playing MIDI files? The profession of web design has suffered a hangover from those early abuses of audio for a long time, but the clouds are beginning to lift. This presentation will look at the past, present, and future of the aural web, and will make the case that responsibly done sound design can actually enhance user's experiences.