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Fix All The Map Data! (DPA4)

Campus mapping: so many data sources, competing services, and oh so many pieces of data out there to correct. Knight will look at the various ways you can report data errors and work with data providers to help your visitors - and potential students - find their way around your campus.

Navigating a diverse campus (DPA5)

In recent years, most universities moved to an interactive format for their campus map. However, most campus accessibility information remains static. Some of the best interactive map implementations have accessibility information available for each building, but deliver it as a PDF on a building-by-building basis. At the University of Tennessee, the Office of Communications and Marketing, Facilities Services, and the Office of Equity and Diversity teamed up to provide comprehensive, interactive accessibility information. Phase One launched January 13th when the team provided a half dozen accessibility layers on the university’s interactive campus map. Phase Two is underway as Tennessee builds a responsive website with buildings’ interior accessibility information to provide a fluid way to navigate its campus with door-to-door accessibility information.

Beyond the Buildings: A New Generation of Campus Maps (DPA6)

Campus maps are often monolithic and confined to a single page or section on your web site, and sometimes are even just a link to a PDF. Lee and To will talk about rethinking the whole idea of the campus map, and how to go from a single stand-alone map to a modular, extensible map system, that you can use throughout your web site and build/layer other types of location-based content on top of. For example, a self-guided mobile walking tour of historic buildings, a virtual tour of sustainability features around campus, a landscape/garden tour showing how the landscaping of the physical campus enhances the academic experience. Also: event, parking, and accessibility information; department and office locations. The session will cover strategy, process, challenges, opportunities, and touch on adding HTML5 geolocation for mobile use, empowering campus groups to make their own simple maps, using available community-generated data, and open-source tools.

Mapping the Interior Landscape (UAD7)

The sheer size of campuses and their buildings can be intimidating to new students and visitors. Campus maps have been used for ages to simplify reality and make people more comfortable with finding their way. It’s time to bring that thinking to our interior spaces with interactive maps. Unlike campus maps which depict the environment as a single layer, buildings frequently involve multiple floors. Learn about techniques for addressing this challenge and about designing interior maps for mobile and desktop devices. Explore options for creating maps with technologies such as Google Maps, HTML5, SVG, and more. Presenters will show examples of interior mapping projects using a range of tools from open source applications to proprietary mapping suites.