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Node.js + Higher Ed = Awesome! (AIM3)

Such Node.js, much happy, wow! You might think that Node.js is a newcomer in town, but it has been around for for about 5 years now! Very prominent companies such as LinkedIn, Paypal, Walmart, and Yahoo! have adopted Node.js and are paving the way for it to become the next major platform. Node.js will make your developers happy and your Rails, PHP and Java developers jealous. Node.js is quickly becoming a highly performing, efficiently coded, happy-developer platform and it fits right into the Higher Ed community. This talk will explore the advantages of using Node.js in Higher Ed. We’ll discuss several use-cases ranging from powering a mobile application to a full-blown web application and how to start the conversation to start using Node.js! Getting started is easy and the power of the Node.js community shines a light on the endless possibilities.

Moving to the Client - Writing Full Applications in JavaScript (AIM11)

JavaScript has moved from providing minor interaction to a full scale development platform. Major application such as Gmail and Google Calendar have hundreds of thousands of lines of code all written in JavaScript. Mobile browsers have full featured browsers but performance and memory constraints become major considerations. And then there is the whole world of single page applications. This session will look at how to write code that can be maintained as well as developing build processes to catch common errors before deploying to production.