Tag: information technology

Node.js + Higher Ed = Awesome! (AIM3)

Such Node.js, much happy, wow! You might think that Node.js is a newcomer in town, but it has been around for for about 5 years now! Very prominent companies such as LinkedIn, Paypal, Walmart, and Yahoo! have adopted Node.js and are paving the way for it to become the next major platform. Node.js will make your developers happy and your Rails, PHP and Java developers jealous. Node.js is quickly becoming a highly performing, efficiently coded, happy-developer platform and it fits right into the Higher Ed community. This talk will explore the advantages of using Node.js in Higher Ed. We’ll discuss several use-cases ranging from powering a mobile application to a full-blown web application and how to start the conversation to start using Node.js! Getting started is easy and the power of the Node.js community shines a light on the endless possibilities.

Connecting Reusable Disconnected Content: Our CampusData Project (AIM4)

We generate lots of content and manage lots of data in disconnected ways. The University of Arkansas started a project a few years ago called the Campus Data Project. A not seksi name for an incredible foundation with a REST API that lets users tie all kinds of data together that they never could before. From campus maps crossed with the campus directory to a news platform that updates experts lists and research blogs, the team has an ecosystem of useful reusable information getting more valuable with every piece of content added to it. Nixon will talk about the evolution of this system, how we use it currently, what our future plans are and how we have shared this platform with others in our state.

Automate all the things with Yo, Grunt and Bower (AIM5)

Yo, Grunt and Bower are new ways to help you streamline you site/app building process. Grunt is a task manager that can do lots of cool things like compile you SASS into CSS, move files around, compress files etc. Yeoman is a site/app generator. Do you want the scaffolding for a new angular app? Just type a few easy commands and it is generated. Bower is a dependency manager that maintains a list of libraries needed for your site. Need the latest JQuery? JQuery UI or Angular? Just add it to a json file and you will always have the latest.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign: Easy digital signs with WordPress and Raspberry Pi (AIM6)

Digital Signs can be a great tool for communicating information to students and visitors to your campus, but who has time to learn and maintain one more system? Learn how Truman State University leveraged its existing WordPress network and low-cost Raspberry Pi computers to deploy easy to update, affordable digital signs. The content can be pre-loaded from any web browser and can also pull automatically from many existing sources on its website and the internet.

Extreme APIs for a Better Tomorrow (AIM8)

It's possible to make a structured, consistent, API that can handle changes to logic and the schema. Sure, it seems like a good plan to dump everything out of the database today, but what are you going to do when something changes down the road? Let's have a talk about some SOLID ways to structure our APIs and keep them from breaking down the road.

Building a room reservation system with a $0 budget (AIM12)

Are you still booking rooms and resources manually for your institution? Or spending thousands of dollars a year for expensive software to manage the process? If you're a Google Apps for Education school, we've got something to show you. Beloit College built a room reservation system using Google Apps for Education's Rooms and Resources feature, in under a month with a zero budget. A few room administrator training sessions and some community education and the system has been in successful use for nearly two years. This session will cover the basics of how Beloit set things up. The presenters will share the training materials they used and the website that they built to act as a partner in encouraging people to book the rooms that will work best for their gathering or event.