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Confessions of a CMS Generalist (DPA7)

After navigating the waters of not one, but 3 different CMSes for the same set of websites, Guay shares her insights into what works, what doesn’t, what’s great and what’s just plain dumb about Drupal, Plone and WordPress. She’ll even talk about her experiences making all 3 share the same sandbox and not fight (too much) over the toys.

Reimplementing Drupal in Place (DPA8)

When Mount Holyoke College first moved its main website into Drupal, the goal was quick migration, not smart implementation, and the school did some decidedly un-Drupalish things. Two years down the road, the team used a major redesign as the opportunity to start figuring out how to make better use of its platform of choice. The catch was the team needed to upgrade in place rather than start over. In this talk, Proctor will share some lessons learned from the process of replacing the wings while the plane is in the air.

Multi-headed Drupal (DPA9)

A common challenge for large universities is IT's desire to have a single, centrally-managed web presence while academic departments want to maintain their own individuality, both from a design and management perspective. That leads to an inevitable tug-of-war between "one big site" and "lots of little sites". One of the strengths of the Drupal CMS platform is that it has several tools for managing "companion sites". Those could be entirely separate sites with some commonalities or one "site" that appears as distinct sites to visitors. Each approach has its own set of benefits and trade-offs. This session will explore several leading ways to build and manage a multi-headed Drupal installation, including Domain Access, Organic Groups, and Multi-site, including examples of organizations that have done so. It will also ask the question of whether a multi-headed Drupal is necessary in the first place; often it is not. Attendees should come away better-armed to evaluate how, and if, to roll out Drupal for a multi-part site at their institution.

Putting students first: The uOttawa.ca redesign (UAD9)

The new uOttawa.ca website went live in November of 2013 to the musical tweets and likes of students and for those who are passionate about creating a user-design experience. Not only was a new mobile responsive Drupal Web content management system put in place to replace the numerous in play, the entire content and purpose of the site was rethought according to a thorough analysis that focused on the needs of users first. Nichole McGill, Web Communications Director for the University of Ottawa, reveals what she learned in her multi-year odyssey to transform uOttawa.ca to make it mobile, ensure that all requirements met the unique bilingual needs of the largest English-French university in the world, all the while pushing the bar for university sites.