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Website Deathmatch - What I Learned by Choosing My NCAA Winners Based on Websites (MCS1)

There are a variety of techniques for picking the NCAA winners. Some choose their favorite colors, the underdog, or even use actual basketball stats.  For the past two years, Pipe has picked her bracket based on the main university websites, using a specific set of criteria for evaluating each website. Pipe will walk through her process, and share what she learned about the current state of web design in Higher Ed along the way. You might be surprised by the winners. Attendees will also discover methods for evaluating university websites, successful ways to implement common university web tasks, and the state of web design in Higher Education.

Mix it up! The art of remixing content. (MPD2)

You are wearing multiple hats. You have little time. You have a tiny budget. Revise your workflow, and practice the art of remixing: it will save your valuable time, money and allow you to focus on the really important tasks. To cultivate a remix mindset means realizing it is okay not to start from scratch every time. Making use of existing resources and materials, and producing a new product by combining or editing them is a creative way to save resources. We will explore areas of improvement, and boost your daily productivity by identifying duplicated efforts in your organization. Implementing remix strategies and the practice of lean kaizen, will help to transform your organization and implement changes that stick.

Things I F#@$!d Up- Stories from a young designer (MPD11)

Over the last seven years, Jacob has worked as a graphic designer at Illinois State University, and he has screwed up. A lot. Working with a super-sized ego at a medium-sized web office, failure comes fast; but so does education. With some humility, a lot of self-deprecation, and just a touch of irreverence, Jacob will share stories of professional embarrassment, creative conflicts, democratic dissolution, and international espionage (note: there is no international espionage). Through these professional flubs, some simple but challenging truths were discovered that helped projects run smoother; even in an environment when common sense solutions can seem elusive.

The Designer's Guide to "Responsive" Marketing (UAD12)

Are you a design team of one? Do you feel like you’re reinventing the wheel for each new promotion, event, or marketing push? Do you spend the bulk of your time recreating page layouts or trying to remember Facebook dimensions? Are you forced to rush your designs or sacrifice your standards?? Me, too. On the heels of a particularly stressful marketing campaign last fall, I realized my current process was no longer working for me. There had to be a better way to repurpose content between marketing channels with a lot less duplication of effort! The soul-crushing tedium of file prep was killing my productivity and to be frank, was a waste of my design talent. Looking to Responsive Web Design for inspiration, I saw an opportunity to rethink my approach. It took significant planning. Standards had to be set and templates created, but in the end, I had a manageable marketing workflow. Now, I carry one robust design across multiple templates tailored to each medium—delivering a consistent visual and rhetorical transition between print, digital, and social channels. I'll share examples and present my approach to developing a "responsive" marketing workflow. Plus, to help you get started, I'll provide a basic planning template and links to a few of my favorite design resources.