Tag: automation

Connecting Reusable Disconnected Content: Our CampusData Project (AIM4)

We generate lots of content and manage lots of data in disconnected ways. The University of Arkansas started a project a few years ago called the Campus Data Project. A not seksi name for an incredible foundation with a REST API that lets users tie all kinds of data together that they never could before. From campus maps crossed with the campus directory to a news platform that updates experts lists and research blogs, the team has an ecosystem of useful reusable information getting more valuable with every piece of content added to it. Nixon will talk about the evolution of this system, how we use it currently, what our future plans are and how we have shared this platform with others in our state.

Automate all the things with Yo, Grunt and Bower (AIM5)

Yo, Grunt and Bower are new ways to help you streamline you site/app building process. Grunt is a task manager that can do lots of cool things like compile you SASS into CSS, move files around, compress files etc. Yeoman is a site/app generator. Do you want the scaffolding for a new angular app? Just type a few easy commands and it is generated. Bower is a dependency manager that maintains a list of libraries needed for your site. Need the latest JQuery? JQuery UI or Angular? Just add it to a json file and you will always have the latest.

Better Living Through Automation: Defeating Time Sucks and Doing Better Work (MPD12)

As a small office (or office of one) tasked with managing your institution’s website, social media accounts, and teams of co-workers and work study students, there’s a LOT to keep track of and not enough time in the day to deal with it. What if we could automate the most tedious of our daily tasks using free tools? From task management and delegation, to collecting form submissions, to dealing with email and social media mentions -- and much more -- we can eliminate time sucks and focus on doing better work. This session is equal parts workflows/examples and prompting you to think creatively about how to tie together common apps and tasks into a powerful super-system. Kind of like Voltron for web apps.

IT Orchestration/Automation/DevOps with Ansible (DPA12)

Ansible is a powerful - yet simple - automation engine. Whether you're maintaining servers or deploying code, Ansible can help turn the process into headache-free tasks that can be useful for small and big shops alike.