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Scrum Hell or High Water: 3 Easy Ways to Make Agile Efforts More Effective (MPD1)

Do you want to deliver better products and services to a more satisfied client base? Do you think adopting an agile team strategy is the way to achieve those goals? Well buckle up, Dixie cup, and let us explain exactly how your efforts are about to go awry. Jennifer Chance has spent the past year bringing the agile development model known as “Scrum” to The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas. She’ll be the first to tell you that it hasn’t been easy. Mistakes and failures are opportunities to learn, though, and those opportunities are even more appealing if you’re not the one doing the failing. Whether you are considering Scrum, another agile initiative, or none at all, Jen’s no-nonsense approach to a better workflow offers simple, useful solutions for scenarios all of us are likely to encounter. Come and see what you and your team can learn from someone else’s bumpy, blustery journey to become agile--come hell or high water.

Agile in higher ed? Yes you Kanban! (MPD7)

Chances are you run a team or belong to a team of trained digital professionals with a very particular set of skills. Are project management and client services among them? In this session, we demonstrate how to eat the elephant on projects big and small that come across your desk every week while staying relatively sane. By adopting a modified Agile methodology to manage workflow, a team can improve efficiency, create an iterative development environment, increase campus collaboration, and tackle large-scale projects, all without sacrificing creativity. The takeaways: • How Agile came to be and how it can be used everywhere from the corporate world to the ivory tower • Some of the tools of the trade (including the free ones) • What the process feels like, from boards to sprints • Our hits and misses – we tested out a lot of approaches before finding the right fit • A (nearly) surefire way to introduce the rest of your campus to this brave new world