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Building (or Choosing) an Accessible Media Player (DPA3)

HTML5 media elements make it simple as pie to add audio and video to web pages. But is the media they deliver accessible to all users? Browser support for media accessibility is hit and miss, and no browser currently provides full support. For full accessibility, including keyboard-accessible controls, support for closed captions, subtitles, audio description, and interactive transcripts, and a high degree of user-customization, it's necessary to build your own player using the HTML5 media API. At the University of Washington, they've done that, and are eager to share.

Navigating a diverse campus (DPA5)

In recent years, most universities moved to an interactive format for their campus map. However, most campus accessibility information remains static. Some of the best interactive map implementations have accessibility information available for each building, but deliver it as a PDF on a building-by-building basis. At the University of Tennessee, the Office of Communications and Marketing, Facilities Services, and the Office of Equity and Diversity teamed up to provide comprehensive, interactive accessibility information. Phase One launched January 13th when the team provided a half dozen accessibility layers on the university’s interactive campus map. Phase Two is underway as Tennessee builds a responsive website with buildings’ interior accessibility information to provide a fluid way to navigate its campus with door-to-door accessibility information.