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Mix it up! The art of remixing content.

MPD2 Management and Professional Development

Location: Skyline II

MONDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

You are wearing multiple hats. You have little time. You have a tiny budget. Revise your workflow, and practice the art of remixing: it will save your valuable time, money and allow you to focus on the really important tasks. To cultivate a remix mindset means realizing it is okay not to start from scratch every time. Making use of existing resources and materials, and producing a new product by combining or editing them is a creative way to save resources. We will explore areas of improvement, and boost your daily productivity by identifying duplicated efforts in your organization. Implementing remix strategies and the practice of lean kaizen, will help to transform your organization and implement changes that stick.

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Conny Liegl
Senior Designer for Web, Graphics and UX, Robert E. Kennedy Library, California Polytechnic

Conny Liegl has been working in higher education institutions for more than a decade. She currently works as a Senior Designer for Web, Graphics and UX at Robert E. Kennedy Library, California Polytechnic State University. She holds a Master of Arts in Information Science from Saarland University, Germany. Liegl makes users happier by building intuitive interfaces, so they are more productive and less frustrated. She translates between developers and users, to help teams transform user-focused ideas into engaging and powerful tools.