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Rebooting Your Responsive Workflow with Pattern Lab

UAD3 Usability, Accessibility and Design

Location: Broadway

MONDAY, 10:45 - 11:30 a.m.

Responsive design is forcing us to reevaluate our design and development practices. It's also forcing us to rethink how we communicate with our clients and what a project's deliverables might be. Pattern Lab attempts to provide one tool that allows for both the creation of modular systems that can live beyond the development phase of a project as well as give clients a tool to review on-going work in the place that a site is actually going to be used: the browser. This talk will introduce you to the features of the Pattern Lab. We will also discuss how it fits into the new development workflow at West Virginia University. Learn how WVU developed its very own "bootstrap" to share common, tested interface patterns across the university. Pattern Lab is Open Source and is based on lessons learned during the latest TechCrunch and Entertainment Weekly redesigns. It is currently maintained by Dave Olsen and Brad Frost. Learn more about Pattern Lab at


Dave Olsen
Professional Technologist, West Virginia University

Dave Olsen has been a developer and project manager with the University Relations - Web unit at West Virginia University (WVU) for the last twelve years. Over that time he has worked on and led projects that range from developing a university-wide CMS to creating award-winning marketing websites. Olsen’s primary role is to help find the balance between tech, content, and design for many of the University’s biggest projects. For the last four years he has also been responsible for implementing mobile solutions for the University. These include SMS-based services, WVU's central mobile web portal, as well as a number of responsive design-based websites. In addition to his work at WVU, Olsen actively participates in open source projects as well as writes. In 2012, Olsen contributed a chapter to Smashing Magazine’s, “The Mobile Book,” and he shares what he's learned about mobile, as well as his reactions to mobile trends, on his personal blog.