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Website Deathmatch - What I Learned by Choosing My NCAA Winners Based on Websites

MCS1 Marketing, Content and Social Strategy

Location: Galleria

MONDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

There are a variety of techniques for picking the NCAA winners. Some choose their favorite colors, the underdog, or even use actual basketball stats.  For the past two years, Pipe has picked her bracket based on the main university websites, using a specific set of criteria for evaluating each website. Pipe will walk through her process, and share what she learned about the current state of web design in Higher Ed along the way. You might be surprised by the winners. Attendees will also discover methods for evaluating university websites, successful ways to implement common university web tasks, and the state of web design in Higher Education.

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Kelly Anne Pipe
Front-End Web Developer, Saint Joseph's University

Kelly Anne Pipe has been working on the web team at Saint Joseph's University since 2012, but has been building websites since she first discovered HTML in 2000. As part of the web team, she has been involved in a variety of web projects, including the release of mobile websites and the design of a new student portal. Outside of work, Pipe is involved with photography, theater, and sometimes remembering to update her personal website.