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Agile in higher ed? Yes you Kanban!

MPD7 Management and Professional Development

Location: Skyline II

TUESDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

Chances are you run a team or belong to a team of trained digital professionals with a very particular set of skills. Are project management and client services among them? In this session, we demonstrate how to eat the elephant on projects big and small that come across your desk every week while staying relatively sane. By adopting a modified Agile methodology to manage workflow, a team can improve efficiency, create an iterative development environment, increase campus collaboration, and tackle large-scale projects, all without sacrificing creativity. The takeaways: • How Agile came to be and how it can be used everywhere from the corporate world to the ivory tower • Some of the tools of the trade (including the free ones) • What the process feels like, from boards to sprints • Our hits and misses – we tested out a lot of approaches before finding the right fit • A (nearly) surefire way to introduce the rest of your campus to this brave new world

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Jennifer Godwin
Senior web content manager, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Jennifer Godwin still has the rainbow Apple sticker from her first Mac product. She's a fan of tap dancing, cats, and adventures. As a senior digital strategist at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Godwin works (usually in a collaborative setting ) to make it better, whatever that "it" is on any given day. A former journalist, her insistence on strong storytelling can border on obsession. And after two years in higher ed, she's finally come around to the Oxford comma.

Dan Shisler
Director of Digital Strategy, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Dan Shisler, director of digital strategy, came to UALR in early 2013 with more than 15 years of experience in the area of digital marketing and analytics. He previously worked at Dillard’s, Inc. corporate headquarters, where he served as lead analyst and SEO-SEM manager, managing all aspects of the digital marketing program. Since the creation of the Department of Digital Strategy, Shisler has developed and managed plans to re-envision the website properties for UALR by creating content and usage partnerships and driving responsive, accessible, and forward-thinking web environment for the university. When Shisler isn't busy transforming the UALR web presence, he enjoys being a new dad to his baby boy, who already knows how to use an iPhone.