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Reimplementing Drupal in Place

DPA8 Development, Programming and Architecture

Location: Pavilion Ballroom West

TUESDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

When Mount Holyoke College first moved its main website into Drupal, the goal was quick migration, not smart implementation, and the school did some decidedly un-Drupalish things. Two years down the road, the team used a major redesign as the opportunity to start figuring out how to make better use of its platform of choice. The catch was the team needed to upgrade in place rather than start over. In this talk, Proctor will share some lessons learned from the process of replacing the wings while the plane is in the air.


Jason Proctor
Senior Web Applications Developer, Mount Holyoke College

Jason Proctor has been working on the web since 1994, and in higher ed since 1998. You'd think he'd be better at it by now. His background includes computer science, system administration, and a couple different flavors of information architecture. For the last seven years, Jason has worked at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, where he helps make Drupal a usable, useful tool for campus communicators in between maintaining, supporting, and sometimes writing other web applications.