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Where did all my cache go?

DPA10 Development, Programming and Architecture

Location: Pavilion Ballroom West

TUESDAY, 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

System running slow? Users pounding on your door wanting to know why the website takes so long to "respond to a simple request"? Programmers yelling at you about ruining their beautiful programming job with your system performance? Wishing Carter had invented a pill that wasn't for livers or that you had taken the job with the circus? Don't give up hope, you may just need more cache. An overview of what caching is and how it can improve the performance of your web site.


John Wagner
Systems Programmer, Princeton University

John Wagner has been playing with computers since they first taught him to program "You have $100 and 3 animal types of different prices and you have to buy 100 legs" in fortran. Wagner has been with Princeton University in various technical positions since 1980. He currently is part of the Collaborative Services Group which is responsible for the care and feeding of the exchange, sharepoint, streaming media, listserv, and web services systems. He subscribes to the motto, "If you know we are there, we haven't done our job". Wagner has been on the conference program committee since 2001 and co-chair of the TPR/DPA track since 2004.