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Moving to Git-based Version Control with Small Teams

DPA2 Development, Programming and Architecture

Location: Pavilion Ballroom West

MONDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Version control has become increasingly important as websites have matured into complex, data-driven applications. The execution of a version control solution, especially with smaller teams, can be daunting. This presentation is meant to provide a brief overview of the various reasons for version control, how to properly plan a migration to version control (especially those leveraging content management systems and/or have no version control in place), and how to execute that plan based on first-hand experience. Just because you have a small team does not mean that version control is not important, nor does it mean that it is intended exclusively for bigger teams. Have a small team? You, too, can join the version control club!

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Waylon Baumgardner
Website Manager, California Baptist University

Waylon Baumgardner is the Website Manager for California Baptist University, one of Southern California's fastest growing private universities. He has a combined 17 years experience with building websites, starting when he was in middle school. He has spent the last five years working in higher education, starting as a front-end developer at the University of California, Riverside. His current role sees him managing the university's public web presence while also leading a small team of web professionals. Some of his operational tasks include developing web content strategy, user testing, as well as front-end development.