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Let Your Data Run Free and Run Your University

AIM9 Applications, Integration and Mobile

Location: Pavilion Ballroom East

TUESDAY, 10:45 - 11:30 a.m.

Data driven applications have been the norm for years, yet the availability of university data is often lacking. Many of our universities’ data is locked up within departmental silos and closed systems. Our requests to access this data usually result in blank stares, laughter, or confrontation. After all, it’s “my data”! And all the while our applications aren’t as robust as they could be, and users have suffered. At The Ohio State University their campus mobile app has been a cross-departmental collaboration, aggregating lots of campus data. Other departments have begun to see this as a model to follow. Building on this success, OSU launched its Enterprise Integration Platform initiative. The goal is for all campus data to be available via web services/APIs primarily RESTful accompanied by a user friendly searchable API where any person on campus can easily find data available and request access. It will give developers the ability to create robust applications that extend far beyond the silos that fall within their departments. This is a technical change as well as it is a cultural one. Developers can create the applications their departments are asking for. It also creates an awareness of the collective capital that resides in campus data. We’ll share our wins, losses, challenges, and long term plans. We’ll describe the technologies we’re using and things we’d do differently.

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Steve Fischer
Director, Web & Mobile, The Ohio State University

Steve Fischer is Director of Web & Mobile in the Office of the CIO at The Ohio State University. His group oversees OSU Mobile, the university’s institutional mobile application, and several web applications. He has Bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Computer Science as well as a Master of Business Administration from Ohio State. He and his wife Jodi have a son and a daughter, Wynsten and Genevieve.

Glenn Donaldson
Enterprise SOA/Sr. App. Architect, The Ohio State University

Glenn is as close to a super hero as you can get without people knowing about your powers. He has almost 20 years' experience in higher education. He's architected several student systems including class registration, financial aid, and course catalog. In his current role he oversees the architecture of many systems including the Enterprise Integration Platform, a central campus system for web service API's.

Jim Muir
Sr. Mobile Developer, The Ohio State University

Jim has experience in many different technologies ranging from LAMP to Ruby to X Code to Java/Grails. He worked for several years as a web developer within University Libraries, creating several core web sites and applications. He has been a developer on the OSU Mobile application for 3.5 years, and now oversees the back end data server that drives the app.