Session Details

Building a room reservation system with a $0 budget

AIM12 Applications, Integration and Mobile

Location: Pavilion Ballroom East

TUESDAY, 3:00 - 3:45 p.m.

Are you still booking rooms and resources manually for your institution? Or spending thousands of dollars a year for expensive software to manage the process? If you're a Google Apps for Education school, we've got something to show you. Beloit College built a room reservation system using Google Apps for Education's Rooms and Resources feature, in under a month with a zero budget. A few room administrator training sessions and some community education and the system has been in successful use for nearly two years. This session will cover the basics of how Beloit set things up. The presenters will share the training materials they used and the website that they built to act as a partner in encouraging people to book the rooms that will work best for their gathering or event.


Melissa Dix
Web & New Media Director, Beloit College

Melissa Dix, Web & New Media Director, has been managing the web at Beloit College for nine years. Her background includes 6 years with Motorola, managing and collaborating on web development projects spanning manufacturing, e-commerce and mobile commerce & two years as a developer for Full Audio, an online, subscription based, music software startup in Chicago.

Amanda Frisbee
Web Designer & Developer, Beloit College

Amanda Frisbee is the Web Designer & Developer at Beloit College. In her past life, Amanda was a graphic designer working in ad layout for Roundy’s Supermarkets and in the print industry for a local printer. After freelancing for a few years, she went back to school for web programming and realized her dreams of working full time in the dynamic realm of the web and in higher ed. When she's not working with code, Amanda enjoys outdoor adventure and traveling. She and her husband have visited nearly half of the U.S. National Parks in the last 7 years.