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Chunking and Flipping: What Do Teachers Know about Content Delivery That You Don’t?

TIE12 Technology in Education

Location: Skyline I

TUESDAY, 3:00 - 3:45 p.m.

Today’s college students can’t pay attention for a whole hour. “Chunking” web content or a presentation breaks extensive information into bite-size pieces. “Flipping” a lecture makes meeting time more interactive and fun. What tools are available to help chunk presentations that don’t require anyone to purchase expensive gadgets? How can you assess understanding and modify your content from one chunk to the next based on audience feedback? Which types of presentations can be flipped? Can you flip control to your audience without losing control? And how can you be sure that your message has not been lost after all this chunking and flipping?

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Evelyn Li
Instructional Technologist/Webmaster/Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley

Evelyn Li wears several hats on a small campus: instructional technologist, webmaster, social media specialist and computer science lecturer. Her daily tasks require her to work closely with faculty, staff and students on campus or in cyberspace. A master’s in computers in education from Bank Street College was the unexpected successor to a bachelor’s in Chinese literature. Being a jack-of-all-trades lets Li still enjoy working at UWFox after 15 years.