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There Are No Break Points in Your Web Strategy: Going Responsive Without Screwing Everything Up

UAD1 Usability, Accessibility and Design

Location: Broadway

MONDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

We all know that responsive design is here to stay. We’ve watched that the percentage of mobile visitors climb every month, and it’s a fair bet that nobody at this conference needs to be convinced of the importance of making our sites responsive. But too often, when sites go responsive, they do so in a way that loses or changes their underlying web strategy: recruitment sites become news sites, calls to action go missing, emergency alerts are dropped on mobile devices, or desktop sites become burdensome and difficult to navigate. Making sites that deliver the same results at 320 and 990 pixels wide is exceedingly difficult. What goes where? What goes away on the phone? What expands or collapses? How do decisions made at the earliest stages of site planning influence what your users will eventually be seeing – and more importantly, doing -- on their phones? All of these are decisions that dramatically affect how users experience your site, what they see, and what they’ll ultimately do. This presentation will focus on strategies for creating a responsive experience, for new sites and redesigns, while maintaining your overall web objectives. Topics covered will include strategic approaches to managing common website components, such as homepage features, calls to action, navigation and menus, on small, medium, and large devices. While the range of options and device sizes may seem overwhelming and constantly shifting, best practices and common design patterns are emerging. This presentation will talk through these patterns, as well as the possible strategic benefits and drawbacks of each.

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Rebecca Pugliese
Information Architect, Penn State University

Rebecca Pugliese is an Information Architect at Penn State University. She has seven years of experience as an Information Architect. Her experience spans from working at a financial institution to now working in higher education. Most recently she has been working on website redesign projects that incorporate responsive design, including the new Penn State University Website. Rebecca holds a B.S. degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction.

Dave Housley
Manager for Web Strategy, Penn State University

Dave Housley is the Manager for Web Strategy at Penn State Outreach and Online Education, where he oversees a group of developers, project managers, and usability experts who create and manage websites, most notably the Penn State World Campus site. He has been the webmaster at the World Wildlife Fund, Peace Corps, Appalachian Regional Commission, and consulted for many other organizations in nearly two decades of working in web communications and fundraising. He teaches an online Technology Tools for Writers class for the Johns Hopkins University's Masters in Writing program.