Workshop Details

A Nuts-and-Bolts Introduction to Client-side Interactivity with jQuery and AJAX

WRK8 Workshops Track

Broadway III/IV

WEDNESDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

Today’s website consumers demand a tremendous amount of flexibility, responsiveness and interactivity from the sites they visit. People are used to web applications like Facebook, GMail and Twitter, which make heavy use of Web browser, client-side programming in JavaScript and interaction with Web services using the AJAX programming model. This workshop will teach you the basics of Web browser, client-side programming using Web standards. We’ll take a quick tour of HTTP, DOM, Javascript, XML and JSON, and then jump in with hands-on exercises using the jQuery Javascript library – building up an interactive website utilizing AJAX web services. Come prepared with a laptop, your favorite text editor and the latest version of the Chrome web browser. Before the conference, we’ll also provide a list of Chrome extensions you’ll need to install. A familiarity with JavaScript, DOM, HTML, CSS and some client-side programming is necessary for this session.


Jason Woodward
Principal, State & Plain

Jason Woodward is a Consulting Programmer for Cornell University and is Principal at State & Plain. He has been a professional Web developer since 1996. In 1998, for 4 years he built the software running Then, for 10 years he built Web content management and administrative Web applications for Cornell University. He left in 2011 to pursue his own ventures, eventually co-founding RecoVend and BetaMatch. He holds a BS and M.Eng in computer science from Cornell University.