Workshop Details

Video Production Workshop

WRK2 Workshops Track

Skyline I

SUNDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

Content marketing requires that we tell the stories of our institutions through an engaging, visual medium. Video production is now an expected component of digital content strategies. But how do you make the right choices when it comes to camera placement, recording audio, lighting and, most importantly, working with talent to capture great interviews to tell those stories? This workshop will focus on best practices when conducting video interviews. Topics will include choosing the right camera positions and angles to engage your audience, the steps of filming an interview from pre-production to post, and how to ensure your talent is comfortable enough to tell their stories during the interview process. This workshop will include live demonstrations of various equipment and set-ups, along with hands-on audience participation.


Brad Mitchell
New Media Producer, Missouri State University

Brad Mitchell is responsible for developing, adapting and coordinating web-ready content in a variety of digital formats to support the University’s mission, providing direction for other interactive web technologies and strategies, as well as serving as a University-wide resource to provide expertise for appropriate new media solutions and capabilities.