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Talk MOOC to me

TIE2 Technology in Education

Location: Skyline I

MONDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are kind of a big deal, whether you believe the hype or not. Since 2013, Penn State, in partnership with Coursera, has successfully launched five courses to thousands of eager learners. Web professionals have the opportunity to help re-imagine and contribute to their institutions’ core mission surrounding alternate learning experiences and global education. In this session, the presenters will discuss MOOC development, its value to higher ed institutions and how the online educational experience can be improved in a way that provides more effective learning experiences for students. We’ll touch on topics like: How are MOOCs beneficial? How can you identify the various resources needed for creating a MOOC. Which new and emerging technologies can be leveraged in MOOC development? And if you’re already in the MOOC game, what else could you be doing to improve user experience and student success?

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Megan Kohler
Instructional Designer, Pennsylvania State University

Megan Kohler is an instructional designer with a passion for technology, education and communication. As a member of the Teaching and Learning with Technology instructional design team at Penn State, her role varies from providing design consultations with faculty to exploring educational technologies, developing online education and researching pedagogical strategies. She has presented concepts such as blended learning and rubrics at several international venues. While the vast majority of her work is focused to resident faculty and students, MOOCs offer the opportunity for her work to be viewed by the mainstream population.

Lindsey Whissel
Producer/Director, Pennsylvania State University

Lindsey Whissel is an award-winning producer/director at WPSU, Penn State Public Media and has worked on a variety of broadcast and non-broadcast media projects for television, radio and the web. She has been involved in the creation of numerous online courses, including several MOOCs, and enjoys working with instructional design teams to maximize the impact of video in online education.

Hannah Williams
Multimedia Specialist, Pennsylvania State University

Hannah Williams is a multimedia specialist for Teaching and Learning with Technology. She has more than 12 years experience working with both digital and print media, solving creative problems in the areas of high-performance computing, gravitational wave physics and materials research. Williams now focuses her time on design for educational initiatives.

Audrey Romano
Web Strategist/Designer, Pennsylvania State University

Audrey Romano is lead web designer for Teaching and Learning with Technology at Penn State, focusing on UX and web strategy. Her super powers are having a keen eye for all things design, an [un]healthy addiction to productivity apps and wielding a figurative machete.